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    PRODUCTS > Water-based Colorant > Dunbel Series High-performance Water-based Colorant for Architectural Coatings

    Dunbel Series High-performance Water-based Colorant for Architectural Coatings

    Dunbel series high-performance water-based colorant for architectural coatings is made of deionized water, high-grade environmental pigments, surface treatment agents and of functional additives by superfine refining process. This series has the advantages of good environmental performance, high coloring strength, bright color, great durability, easy dispersion and so on. It is suitable for architectural coatings, waterborne colorful paint, industrial coatings, etc.

    【Product Features】
    1. High pigment content, strong coloring strength, great color display performance and low color-matching cost.
    2. Great compatibility with many kinds of emulsion, good batch stability and excellent color reproducibility.
    3. Non-APEO, low VOC, good environmental performance, in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements.


    Notes: 1. Light fastness, chemical fastness and heat fastness is determined by pigment structure, the parameters from the paint suppliers. Light fastness: grade 8 is the best, grade 1 is the worst; chemical fastness: grade 5 is the best, grade 1 is the worst. 2. The color may be different between the real pigment and the printing card, please make sure by obtaining our products before using.

    1. Please stir before using to avoid the uneven colorants caused by high temperature during the transportation or long time storage
    2. Please cover the lid after using the colorants to avoid the pollution or volatilization
    3. Please keep in cool and ventilate conditions(0~40℃), unopened is valid for 24 months

    If contact with skin,wipe with the rag and then flush with soap and water