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    • Recruitment one market promotion specialist


      1. Responsible for the regular maintenance and updates corporate official website.
      2. Responsible for product and brand marketing, such as the exhibition schedule, technical seminars arrangements, advertising plans, network promotion.
      3.Network marketing planning and implementation of the company's products.
      1. College degree or above, with a certain art foundation;
      2. Have excellent communication skills and the ability to organize activities;
      3. Experience preferred.

    • Recruitment three salespeople


      1. Responsible for development of client resources.
      2. Responsible for visiting customers, tracking customer information, and collecting customer demand for the product.
      3. Provide customers with professional advice, quotes, completion of the contract execution.
      4. Manage customer and channel relationships, complete the scheduled sales.
      1. College degree or above, male or female, good image.
      2. More than one year experience in product sales, with good customer development and maintenance capabilities.
      3. With strong coordination ability, good communication skills, quick response capacity and powers of observation and team spirit.
      4. Cooperation programs with strong planning ability and negotiation skills, be able to complete the company's product sales channels independently.
      5. More than 1 year sales experience in the coating raw material industry is preferred.
      Working Hours: Monday - Friday, enjoying the state holidays and the company paid annual leave, according to Shanghai to pay insurance provisions, gold.
      How much ability you have, how much you pay out, there is much in return for you.